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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Re: Waiting.

So, sorry I left your crits unattended for so long. Pre-Orientation has been so busy I can barely have time to think, let alone process.

You know what I find interesting about this image? That you seem to almost be taking the position of the "reclining nude". Typically, we see this as a female, sans clothes, passive, beautiful, and ready to be an object of lust, affection, desire or whatever else you want her to be.
But you're not nude, your not female. I also think that the red was an interesting choice because Red is such a lustful color. What are you saying to the viewer with your body language? (That you are passive, yet seeking - obviously Franny's - lust?) You give the viewer full view, don't confront the viewer with your gaze, and seem ready to be used as an object for whatever Franny desires. If she calls, at all. Which is what you're waiting for.

We usually don't see a male character in a passive pose, or if we do, it's layered with irony and usually done as very tongue-in-cheek. This doesn't feel that way to me. I feel as though you really, truly, let down your guard instead of trying to point out the irony of the situation or trying to make more of a "statement" than you are doing earnestly.

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