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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thoughts about new Franny work


I think what I enjoy most about these are the subtle references in them. I like the color palette, I think it's very well informed.
I've been really getting into color psychology lately, and so what I find interesting about the color white (the color you asked Franny to wear) is that while it references purity, innocence, beauty, and is certainly "special" it is also the hardest color to keep clean. White shows dirt, imperfection, grit, and grime easily - almost readily. I think this can be interpreted in the context of the images as the impression that we are supposed to have of the character that Franny is portraying. We understand why she gets special treatment, but at the same time, we question that she deserves this status because we can see the metaphorical dirt on her clean white shirt.

And so, with your character, I wonder if you intended the blue to be more cold and depressing, or to symbolize loyalty? Are you depressed at your realization of the franny-character special-don't-look-too-close-you'll-see-it's-dirty conundrum or showing your loyalty to her regardless of her imperfections?

- Elle

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