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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thoughts On "Girl Punk: Portraits"

This is clearly just the beginning of the project. The studio portraits are defining the characters.

There is a mix of confidence and self-consciousness in the Porscha portrait. Her tank top reading "Do I Really Care?" and various piercings screams self-assurance. But the combination of her posture, bending of the arms, bra straps and gaze begs to differ. They suggest vulnerability and insecurity. It seems in this world of male-dominant punk shows that its not OK for a woman to be vulnerable. Is Porscha actually as confident as she wants everyone to think?

There are so many contradictions in the portrait of Liz. A pregnant girl is at a punk show, posing seductively for the camera, while her breasts pop out. The photograph defies any and all stereotypes that go along with pregnant woman and punk life. One would not expect a pregnant woman to be at a punk show or for her to even attempt to strike a sexy pose for a camera. Liz doesn't care that she's pregnant--she just wants to have a good time, to forget about the stresses that go along with pregnancy.

[Note from Elle: Liz isn't pregnant. But interesting read on the subject none-the-less!]

When you told me that you brought a strobe to a punk show, I was expecting images of people dancing and having a good time (like the usual show pictures you do) but with a different technical flair. I learn a great deal about these characters from the studio-style portraits you do but I want to see how they interact with the other people who attend these shows. How does Liz interact with the men at these shows? Does she try and dance with them even though she is clearly a few months pregnant? How does this male-dominant world respond to her?

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