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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts on "Introducing Kate"

These are great, Elle.

For the double exposures, I like the first one more because I can see her face. And even though you can see the beer can in the second image, one can still infer that the character is taking out a beer from all the drinks inside anyway.

The image of Kate walking away is excellent. Your sense of form, line, and depth-of-field here is wonderful, as well as color theory--the green works to your advantage in all of these images.

I also love the last image of Kate smoking in front of criminal court. Kate's character is rebellious--a girl in a silky-green, sleeveless top with black shoes and white pants (not exactly business attire) is smoking outside of a court house where a man dressed in a suit is walking in. She doesn't necessarily belong in this setting but the audience could infer why from her demeanor.

I'm reminded of Harry Callahan's work with his wife Eleanor. Not that you and Kate are anything like them, Callahan and Eleanor were married but you execution is similar: double exposures, exploration of color, form, line, and a kind of documentary diary of your time together. I think I am reminded of him mostly because of your sense of experimentation with these images, something Callahan thrived on when shooting with Eleanor.

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