Elle Perez + Paolo Morales

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Camera decisions:

i would very much like an 18 mm lens for the nikon
or the pentax, at this point either one

the on camera flash works well but maybe i should introduce some strobe it would help with double exposures (only on the home visits).

more double exposures. I think I was onto something with Kate but since I had to wait until.. now to see them I didn't realize this as I was shooting and didn't do any with Vicky or as many with Natasha. It's definitely a good lead. 

a bigger format would be nice but i think a wider lens would be more.. feasible, especially since it seems that with the portra, the nikon, and the strobes i get exceptional clarity, definition, and color. (yeah NC all the way!) 

I can't wait to get back to new york to work on this, fuck school. Did I tell you I had to turn down a call to photograph something for MTV? I almost fucking died. It was through a proxy company, but still. fucking MTV. And my excuse was "sorry, I have class."

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