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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A more focused photo-game

This is not a romance story, rather it is a friendship developed through photography.

All the images below until the * marks are spontaneous, uncontrolled situations. The black and white images are the pictures Sally took. The only parameter was to take pictures of whatever she wanted within the span of 24 frames (two rolls of film). 

I enjoy these images because they are free-er. And I like the multiple frames in the color images because of the recording of change in gesture, pose, and facial expression.


I like the color image of the one with my hand better than the black and white version. The one through the window is a re-shoot. I like the new one better.

-understand friendship
-create intimacy within images

I'm thinking of this as a photography game in terms of the audience. The game doesn't actually happen when the shooting is taking place. I like to think the game happens in the audience's head, making assumptions about how each side interprets the other.

Shooting schedule: one (1) day per week for a large format sitting and one (1) day per week for spontaneous shooting.

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