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Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Sally Work

The image above is one of the pictures Sally took with her 35mm camera. This is my favorite frame of hers. This particular negative is horrible (because of the low light) but I think its wonderful.

Below are 35mm pictures I took of her before/after/and in between 4x5 shots.

35mm shots I took of Sally before I shot with the 4x5.

She likes to pull the Polaroid tests...

And she even picks her nose, which she openly admits, by the way.

This is the 4x5 image I made after that conversation you and I had about having Sally play the role of the new muse and surrogate for inspiration post-Franny.

This is a new image of the hand.


I like working with Sally because she's honest with me. While there are things about her that remind me the past, there are more exciting things that she is willing to do that make the photographs with her more of an adventure. 

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