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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New pictures

Here are a few images I've been making of Emily. They are uncontrolled environments. I am relying on where we go to make pictures and the existing lighting conditions. I can't defend this work but I enjoy what I am making. I think it is okay to make pictures like this--maybe its simply a study. When I was making the Sally work there was a lot of purpose behind it because I was shooting with a 4x5. But I'm more intrigued that the work with Emily is intuitive.

There's a sadness about her in the second and third image that I find to be intriguing. I see that sadness in her generally, actually. 

We were talking about sad things before I took the first three pictures.

In crit, my professor was looking at the last photo with the window as a frame, perhaps a picture frame or painting frame. 

I would like to see this turn into a body of work. I have others that I haven't scanned to show you in Baltimore!

Also... reply to the notion of intimacy. I think "intimacy," whatever ones definition of it, can definitely be gained when the camera isn't present. Once you take it out and start photographing one can hope that some of that intimacy still remains.

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