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Monday, March 16, 2009

RE Girl World Variations

I think this new way of executing the project is rather successful. Eyes, mouth and almost any facial feature that makes people physically unique is irrelevant in your thesis, which from my understanding is to look at the ways toy figures are leading young children (boys and girls) to believe there is a standard that must be adhered to if he or she is to be "perfect" and maybe even "ideal." 

The adage "less is more" works very nicely here. You provide the audience with as little information as possible with the exception of a few signifiers that would suggest that these are over-polished toy dolls. Which brings me to the rips on the edges. I understand your reasoning for it. Is there another way you could insinuate that these are toy-esque? What if you did the bold/emboss to make it look like it was a plastic box for instance.

Also little technical things.... please don't cut off the hands/fingers! I think they're important. No?

Cannot wait to see more!

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