Elle Perez + Paolo Morales

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RE Elle's Fives 4.12.09 / BXUNG Details

In terms of the series, I'm responding to the first two images in your five. Maybe I laugh at the third because I was there...? And I love the last one. Its documentary in nature. And the gesture of that second hand coming in is great. The viewer doesn't necessarily know who it is. Is it a loving gesture? A "here let me see"? Or is it a "here let me a take a picture"?

The detail shots intrigue me. They remind me very much of survellliance. But they are more moment images (ex: 2/5.) Is the first image of one of those things people put in their ears to make them bigger? Its considered with shape and form. Love it. The gestures in the third and final image are pretty great. Notions of intimacy in the first and adolesence into adulthood in the second. The cigarette juxtaposed with the different colored nails is really wonderful.

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