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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Polaroid scan - reactionary work / project updates

According to my shrink, I still have a lot of feelings to sort through. This is could still be counted as reactionary work towards the Franny project but I am thinking it could also just be a self-portrait.


Update on Franny project
Proposed project title: There's Something About Franny

The book will be hand-made in an edition of 15. I want it to mimic a diary. The thread to the story is the development of a relationship as supported by quotes illustrating power struggle between Franny and I.

I am also working on a statement to proceed the work.


I've been thinking a lot about still lives lately in relation to building portraits of people. Sophie Calle builds portraits of people by contacting every person in their address books or by looking at the belongings of a hotel guest and how they leave their rooms. Perhaps its in execution but object portraits don't seem to support actual portraits as much. Sure, I get to see someones personal belongings but how do I know their significance to the person? If I see an object, I want to know why its significant. And I tend to like it more when its in the photograph with the person the object is important to, otherwise its just a picture of a random still life.

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