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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let's play a game

Two characters are involved in a photo-making game. There are two steps that need to happen in order for the game to work:

1. I get to make a portrait of the subject
2. The subject gets to make a portrait of me

The images will be arranged as dyptichs, possibly in an on-demand book as the final product.

The project is based on shifts in controlling the situation, how the subject interprets the photographer, and how the photographer interprets the subject. I can make any kind of picture I want to and so can the subject. Using a Holga, they can have me do whatever they want.

Regarding subjects: I choose the subjects based on how much I want to know them. If I know them well, there's a good chance I won't be interested in making a portrait, nor would I be interested in knowing how they "see" me. Those that are mysterious--albeit the ones I can't figure out--are the ones I intend to ask to photograph for this project.




This is Emily (lying down) and Rachel (sitting up). Emily invited me to come and take pictures of her on a plot of grass near school. This is my favorite image from the black and white roll.

I'm not sure how to look at this work, but I had a good time making it. I observed rather than directed.

Some new things I'm learning:
1. I am literal
2. My work is literal (good or bad...?)
3. I don't like using "legit." Everyone says it. Is it so difficult to say "legitimate?"
4. "Lylas" means "love you like a sister."

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