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Saturday, October 4, 2008

re: women interest

Ok. I know you are still in "figuring it out" mode but here's what I think - I think that you might actually need to be writing instead of photographing. .. not that you shouldn't photograph also, but you know what I mean.

You know how you told me to write a list? YOU write a list!

it doesn't have to be very long to click... here's a scan of me figuring out my next project in class:
also, i really like the idea of you taking the self portraits out of your hands and putting the power into other people's hands. Are you going to continue more with that project? I think you should. Kind of like a.."how do other people see me" project. Maybe I need to do that project. Because I'm really fucking short sighted these days.

Also, what kind of questions are these creating for you? Yes, you are fundamentally interested in women. So are most guys. What makes you different, where is your interest coming from, what are you interested in, what do you associate women with?

Because right now all these images are doing is objectifying girls you kinda know. So. "Why do you care about this"?

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