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Saturday, October 18, 2008

well, the assignment was to create a narrative between two or more images, so all of the images have to work together.

thats the order i decided on (with some help from my friends rachel and lynley) for crit because i think it best tells the story

its funny that you like the car one the least, thats the one that got the most response in crit because it was the most emotional (i guess) image. It doesn't matter where they're going, the front seat/back seat status placement and the head reaching over the boundary between, as well as the lighting (full face of the concerned girl, dwindling light on the girl in the front seat) makes the image more about a concerned friend than what is happening after the image.

also, i'm really just bouncing light off the ceiling, one strobe. i'm borrowing an 18mm canon program from a friend and using my f4

i don't want to beat people over the head so i'm not going to stage anything

so the narrative functions as follows:

context - problem - concern - reinforced notion of problem - confrontation OR reinforced notion of relationship

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