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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Work: Portraits

I am making portraits of women-friends I have at art school. I am looking at them as Alec Soth approaches his portraits: as encounters. That's why I prefer the 4x5, because it allows for that degree of concentration/intimacy between photographer and subject, especially with the demand to completely still from focus to exposure.

I've noticed that I always have them gaze outwardly, as if in deep thought. I hope that they are brought into that state while sitting for my pictures.

Are they waiting for someone? Or are they pondering their choices in life?

I'm not sure how to describe the environments I've been shooting in. I'd like to say they're lush, like the women I photograph. 

I'm drawn to those who aren't entirely self-confident--they still have an ounce of self-consciousness, similar to Franny. 

I'm getting two more shoots processed tomorrow (Hayley and another person named Rachel)... will post tomorrow evening.

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