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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Work: Sally

So I didn't exactly follow through with your challenge. I brought around my 35mm camera with me and stuff, but I rarely saw her. And if I did, she'd be in class. And I don't think I'm interested in following someone around to understand them. I much rather prefer to make up stories in my head. Perhaps they are fake and unrealistic (perhaps that's how I really am anyway) but I enjoy the pictures more so this way.

The first three rows are images Sally made using my 35mm on program mode. My direction was take pictures of whatever you want.

And then here are the portraits I've been making of her. I've been looking at Eric Weeks and Sally Mann a lot, both inspiring the first image of Sally sleeping. And the second image is a continuation of that exploration of the hand: its significance and the mystery it can provide to the image. 

I intend on creating a book for the final crit. I played a game with my class a couple weeks ago. I gave every one a sheet of paper. They were to pretend they were me and to finish the sentence: "In this picture I am..."

The book switches the audience's role into my role, trying to figure out what I (or they think) the photographer (me) is attempting to do in the picture. The second page of the spread will depict the image. It will alternate between my images and the images Sally makes. Other spreads will have DVD inserts playing conversations Sally and I have had.

Photographs are interesting for the stories they imply and the way every single person creates a different story with images based on their own idiosyncratic experiences. The book insists that the viewer does that with every image.


Some responses from my classmates. They finish the sentence as if they are me. "In my pictures I am trying to"

- live an ideal.
- tell stories.
- find love.
- explore a relationship using the camera and how it displays perspective.
- show how important people are to me. I want to show why these people are in my life and why I care.
- break free.
- show different relationships

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