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Friday, November 14, 2008

RE "The Best Years"

Okay, you have way too much work here to bypass a crit. :)

I will comment from the top most image down to the bottom.

Title: "The Best Years of Our Lives" (?)

I was recently in a photography lecture noting that the cover of books/portfolios is 75% of what sells books and makes audiences want to pick it up. Does the pretty image of a college campus draw in the viewer to world filled with alcohol equivelants to work loads? I don't know, but maybe you want to think about that a little. I am not suggesting that the cover doesn't draw the viewer in, but I'd encourage you to question it.

1st image: this is the most successful of your beer pong images. You have a character texting/BBM-ing, something that is so common in these types of settings. The viewer also has some mystery. Who is this guy? Is he a straight edge kid? He doesn't have a cup in hand. Is he texting for someone to pick him up because he's too drunk or is he checking to see what else is going on that night?

2nd/3rd: The 3rd image is the better pick of the two. Is she smiling innocently with a beer in hand, seconds after she hooked up with the boy who's hiding behind her? The 3rd has more of an implied story/mystery than the second. I don't know enough in the 2nd to come up with something.

4th: Secrets? Lying? Backstabbing? All the drama associated with partying and college are in this image, as well as layers of characters. Is she whispering about the viewer? I love that she's looking at us, making the audience a player in this story line, too.

5th: I like this image. It focuses more on the idea of texting/technology and constant communication within the party context. I like that this focuses on this specific trait of college/partying/being a part of this generation. I think I would keep it even with the 1st image.

6/7: Story? I don't feel like I'm learning anything about the characters or context of the situation.

8th: I like the piggyback ride. Is it flirtateous or is he trying to carry home a very drunk friend?

9th: Again, I love that you're bringing in the viewer into the situation. We said you would continue to shoot like this I believe. I like this image a lot.

10th: Distance/seperation! There is the mystery of the cropping of the heads. The boy is probably attracted to the girl, he leans forward and the girl just sits back holding a beer. Is she being resistant? Or is she is waiting for the guy who's beer comes into the frame as he "cock blocks" the boy who is leaning forward? Great story in this image.

11th: The 9th is the better frame. This is too in-between moments to pick up on something. And the technology/cell phone story is already taken care of in the previous two images.

12th: Tina Barney? Nice lighitng. Good layering of the subjects. Is the girl thinking about the paper she has to write that is due in 48 hours or is she just trying to relax and drink her wine? The boy in the back is great, leaning against the wall. Perhaps he's too drunk to even stand straight...

13/14/16: You have better beer pong images which I commented on in the beginning.

15: You're doing mostly horizontals but this is a nice vertical. She's trying to appear chic/classy holding a glass of champagne but the snapshots in the background beg to differ. The scotch-taped pictures to the wall are out of context, almost child-like.

I love it, Elle. Happy shooting!

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